Friday, December 19, 2008

You guys paid for this?!?!?!

So today was Dave's company Christmas party. They all met at work this morning and then carpooled to go paintballing. I warned him it would be painful, but I wasn't expecting the sight I saw when he got home. He has at least 30 welts like this all over his body. His comment was, "we paid to do this?"
We were invited to go, but I'm really glad Annabelle and I just stayed home. Tonight the company hosted a dinner at a very nice restaurant called The Naked Grape. The food was delicious and it was nice to meet some of the people Dave works with everyday. The funny part was that everyone was dressed very nice, but they all had welts and bruises on their faces, necks, arms, and legs. It looked like they were professional fighters or something. We did have a lot of fun and everyone loved Annabelle. She was so well behaved. We really love and appreciate her!


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  2. A great start Liesl...I started a couple of years ago but never could figure it out. I had to laugh at the paint balling photo...they should call it PAIN balling! I'm excited about following your blog and enjoying your Australian experiences. I'm glad to hear that Annabelle is such a good baby. Merry Christmas!