Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going From Down Under to Down South (sort of)

Our time in Australia came to an end. We spent 22 wonderful months there. We loved the expereiences we had, the sights we got to see, the friends we made, and the lessons we learned. It was often quite a roller coaster ride, but it was worth every minute! We do miss it, but it is soooooo nice to be home!!!! We have traded in the down under for the down south. We now live in North Carolina and so far we love it. It has great people, great weather, and great activities. I am bummed out about living through two winters in a row this year, but really neither one was bad. I actually really enjoyed having a little snow this year and would love to see a little more before winter is done. I have missed the Australian summer and the beautiful beaches. Hopefully we can make it back there someday soon! One of these days I hope to finish some blogs I never posted about some of our adventures, especially New Zealand.

Was the move there worth it? Absolutely!
Would you have done it again? Absolutely!
Was it an easy process? Absolutely Not!!! =)
Would you move internationally again? I would never say never, but hopefully not for a long time. I'm ready to be grounded for a while.