Monday, June 22, 2009

TWO Father's Days?!?!?

Any of you who know Dave know that he loves any day that celebrates him (okay, who doesn't?). The fact that his birthday isn't just a day, but the whole month of November should show you how much he loves it. Well, this year not only does he have a birthday month, but he gets two Father's Days! The US Father's Day was a couple of days ago, but the Australian one isn't until September. So we had a special day for him Sunday and we will have another one for him in September. I guess he's so "special that they celebrate him on two continents." (Anyone know what movie that's from? ;)). Unfortunately, Mother's Day is on the same day in both countries, what a rip off! =) Thank you Dave for being a wonderful husband and father. You have made a lot of sacrifices and changes to put your family first and we sure do appreciate it! We love you so much! You deserve two Father's Days!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kiama blowhole

For the Queen's birthday we drove about an hour south of here to Kiama. There is a blowhole there that we have been wanting to go see, but we never go because there is no way of knowing if the blowhole will be blowing when we get there. The conditions have to be just right. So we decided we had the whole day and even if the blowhole wasn't blowing we could explore the area. Annabelle was great and slept the whole way there. It was a chilly day, but the blowhole was blowing!! It was really cool to see. We tried to get a good picture of it, but pictures don't quite do it justice. It's hard to capture the magnitude of it and you loose out on the great sounds it makes. It was a beautiful! We decided to drive over to a beach we could see from the blowhole. We went and ate lunch on the beach and it was perfect. The rocks sheltered the beach, so it stayed nice and warm. There was great surf and it was clean and quiet. Annabelle played in the sand (and ate more than we would have liked her to =)) and we collected some really cool shells. Who would have known that celebrating the Queen's birthday could be so fun ;).

Sweet Annabelle

Annabelle is such a cute girl! Here are a few of the cute and funny things she has done over the last couple of days. She has started kissing herself in the mirror and any other reflective object she comes across (window, oven, etc.). It is so cute! It brings a whole new meaning to loving yourself =).

She has also started talking to the crows that live around here. There are really big, loud crows here and they sound a lot like babies trying to talk. Annabelle's new game is to mimic them every time she hears them and she is delighted when they answer back.

Today Annabelle took a raw potato and started eating it (I had cleaned it off). She chewed on it for half an hour. I can't get her to eat any variety of cooked potatoes, but give it to her raw and it's her new favorite food! She is learning so much everyday and getting to be so smart. I love to watch her eyes light up as she learns new things. I love you Annabelle!!!!