Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sweet Annabelle

Annabelle is such a cute girl! Here are a few of the cute and funny things she has done over the last couple of days. She has started kissing herself in the mirror and any other reflective object she comes across (window, oven, etc.). It is so cute! It brings a whole new meaning to loving yourself =).

She has also started talking to the crows that live around here. There are really big, loud crows here and they sound a lot like babies trying to talk. Annabelle's new game is to mimic them every time she hears them and she is delighted when they answer back.

Today Annabelle took a raw potato and started eating it (I had cleaned it off). She chewed on it for half an hour. I can't get her to eat any variety of cooked potatoes, but give it to her raw and it's her new favorite food! She is learning so much everyday and getting to be so smart. I love to watch her eyes light up as she learns new things. I love you Annabelle!!!!


  1. She is so cute - what a delightful smile!

  2. aren't they so much fun. Mine just barely started eating cooked potatos, he hated them for so long.