Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sydeny Aquarium

We got to go to the Sydney Aquarium, which was pretty cool. It isn't quite as cool as Sea World (you don't get to touch any marine life), but there was a lot of diversity. I think it would be better to visit it during the week, so you could actually hear the classical music they play, but maybe next time. Annabelle absolutely LOVED it! She talked to all the fish and animals. She loved that they would swim right by her. She would point and squeel with delight. I think maybe someday she'll be a marine biologist...........okay, probably not, but it was great to see her so excited.

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  1. How fun! Hey, my aunt said they also keep their eggs unrefrigerated on the shelves there. Is that true? Wierd non-Americans and their french panties . . .